Dental Implants

A Long-Term Solution

When it comes to dental implants, Cedar View Dental, your trusted implant dentist in Lynnwood WA, offers the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. Our team specializes in these remarkable restorations, ensuring they are strong, incredibly durable, and, most importantly, they look and feel like your natural teeth.

Before moving back to Lynnwood, WA, Dr. Jonnes obtained his Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).  To achieve this prestigious recognition, Dr. Jonnes had to complete hundreds of hours of advanced continuing education in dental implants and showcase his knowledge by successfully completing numerous more complex cases. For information on the ICOI and their credentials, click here: ICOI

The actual implant is a small metal “root shaped” screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone with CBCT computer-guided minimally invasive techniques.  After 3-6 months, the jaw bone remodels and adheres to the titanium screw, providing us with a “new root” that we can put an abutment and crown on to give the patient a “new tooth”.   You get a fresh start and a lifetime of support!

Take a Look: Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to give you a full, beautiful smile again.  Did you know that there are health benefits to receiving a dental implant too? You can enjoy benefits of this procedure because dental implants are:

  • Improved Diet: Some of the healthiest vegetables and proteins we can eat require chewing power.  Maintaining your chewing ability can improve your nutrition and overall health.
  • Long-Lasting. Dental implants are made of high-quality titanium and, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.
  • Stability. Teeth help support each other.  When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth are put under higher stress to support chewing and the bite.  Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant helps add stability and support to the bite.
  • Maintaining Bone Volume. Did you know that losing a tooth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate? Once the dental implant is placed, the titanium post fuses with the jawbone and actually encourages bone regrowth!
  • Improved Aesthetic. Your smile won’t be missing a thing with a dental implant. You can have a beautiful, full smile again.

The Dental Implant Process

During your first visit at Cedar View Dental, we assess your oral health, overall health and bone density for a possible dental implant.  We have a CBCT xray machine to evaluate your bone levels in three dimensions.  If we decide a dental implant is the ideal choice, Dr. Jonnes utilizes your CBCT to plan ideal positioning of your dental implant and fabricate a surgical guide.  This allows your implant surgery to be minimally invasive and highly predictable.  When the implant is ready for a crown, Dr. Jonnes takes a series of shade photos and a scan of the implant and your surrounding teeth to assure your new tooth is a perfect fit.

When you come in for your first visit, we can address any concerns or questions you have and show you a timetable specific to your needs. If you need more bone density, we can discuss a bone graft.

Implant-Supported Dentures

We also offer implant-supported dentures for our patients. No more worries about the slipping and sliding of traditional dentures! Dental implants provide added stability and eliminate the need for denture adhesives. Visit our dentures page for more information.

Looking for A Great Way to Replace a Missing Tooth? Call Today!

Do you have a missing tooth and would like to explore options to replace it? Call today to set up a consult with Dr. Jonnes and find out if a dental implant might be your ideal choice.  Dr. Jonnes takes pride in being a top-rated implant dentist in the Lynnwood, WA community.  Our dental team can help your mouth feel whole again!