Tooth Extractions

Dental healthcare is all about keeping your mouth as healthy and happy as possible. Sometimes that means saving and repairing damaged teeth. At other times, extracting those teeth may be necessary. It all depends on your individual circumstances.

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that Cedar View Dental is here to make the treatment choices that are right for you.

When Is it Necessary to Extract a Tooth?

When Surrounding Teeth Are Threatened | If the tooth in question has a widespread infection that risks spreading to other teeth, it can sometimes be the right choice to remove the problem altogether.

This also applies to situations where a tooth is overcrowded, crooked to a dangerous degree, or impacted — not fully grown out from the gums. The health of the other teeth often require the removal of the problem tooth in order to properly align your smile.

When The Damage Is Too Extensive | If a tooth has been completely shattered by an accident, cracked too deeply, or suffers from an infection that has claimed too much of the tooth, it is not always salvageable. In these situations, leaving it in the mouth will only risk further damage or infection.

We always do what we can to repair and heal before we remove a tooth, but if the situation calls for it, removal is an option that we sometimes must take.

Wisdom Teeth | Wisdom tooth removal is so common that nearly everyone has to have it done. This is due to an interesting development in human civilization.

Many generations ago, the health of our teeth determined our life expectancy. In those times, having a third set of molars grow in at adulthood could literally be life-saving. However, in these modern times, excellent dental care and medical knowledge means that we can survive into old age regardless of our dental state.

As a result, our jaws have gradually gotten smaller, leaving little to no room for extra teeth. Extracting these wisdom teeth can prevent overcrowding and contribute to better oral health.

Post-Removal Options

The loss of a tooth no longer has to be a major inconvenience. With modern technology, we can replace the tooth with a safe, healthy, and whole dental restoration. Just some of the options are:

All of these restorations can be customized to perfectly suit your individual needs, giving you a gorgeous smile that belongs only to you.

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